Why I Am Thankful for Formula

Whether I should breastfeed or use formula is something I thought a lot about when I was pregnant in 2012. Back in the ’70s when I was an infant, formula was more popular and so I was bottle-fed. Nowadays, breastfeeding is back in style, and it’s deemed healthier and more economical. In some cases this…

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5 Tricks I Used To Soothe My Colicky Baby

  5 Tricks I Used To Soothe My Colicky Baby REAL-LIFE REMEDIES FROM A REAL-LIFE MOM. 1 INTRO After a year of trying to conceive, enduring multiple miscarriages, and a miserable pregnancy, I thought the hardest days of becoming a mother were behind me. I was ready for the happiest time in my life. Everyone loves…

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